About Our Association

Boxing is the most favorite sport in terms of International gold. It fetches our nation the most number of gold. But sadly Olympic gold is still out of our reach. But we wish that we shall receive gold even in the Olympics in the next 5 years. What we need is a chance.


Sports is always looked upon as a way to fitness. Today sports is not for pleasure but to achieve a position of provide of pride in the arena. In this world of cut throat competition, what matters is success. To be successful one needs to undertake a system. It’s none but the system that one chooses to reach the Zenith which helps to build a true player. What one needs is a formula and proper infrastructure that can gift a nation a player to be.

Our Approach

Introducing specialized training in this domain of sports to the steel city long back in 1967 we had travel a long way nourishing talents, producing national players for Indian boxing squad and raising our standard in thee yes of die hard fans of boxing.

Our Mission:

From the very begin we concentrated on talented teens who will grow to amateur sports person within half a decade. We search  Sub-junior talents with possibilities to be guided and nourished through out her or his career . We catch them young and professionalism with extreme emotion for this sports. Creating awareness,scientific training, promotion of fair play and continued optimum level of performance: these are what we working for and shall be.


A coach is the true mentor of a sportsman. So the selection of a proper coach is a no game. To select a coach one needs to analyze his record of success. A coach should have no less than a 10 years experience of the world of games. He should have a clear view and strategy to run an academy. The collegians of this academy wish to thank Mr. Anjan Mitra ex boxing coach of team India whose valorous us underpinning metamorphoses his academy from the stage of infancy today rock like structure.

Mr. Ajay Kumar Nand

(IPS Officer)

Anjan Mitra

Ex. National Coach
Founder of D.S.A.B.A in 1967